“Adoption is a wonderful thing”

Karen, 38, is a black British single mum who works full time as a school chef. She has always wanted to be a mum and, sadly, following a number of miscarriages and a divorce, she turned her mind seriously to adoption.

Karen is particularly a champion for single adopters. “So many single people think about adoption and say ‘no I can’t because I’m on my own’. It can still happen to you because they do seriously look at you for who you are and what you can offer the child. Once you show that you can fit the child in your life, then it happens.” Karen is also proof that people aren’t ruled out of adoption because of their financial situation or needing to work. “You don’t have to be on mega bucks. I’m certainly not. I’m not a high earner, I’m a single parent and I work full time. I’d have thought those things would work against me.

I explained that I couldn’t give up my job because I’ve got a mortgage. I couldn’t gain a child to lose my home”. When asked how adoption has changed her life, Karen says: “From the moment Crystal stepped into my life, I haven’t been happier. I live for her. I feel like I’ve had her from the moment she was born, she feels no different. Adoption is a wonderful thing.”

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