“…I know it was all worth it.”

My son is 18 now. Peter was seven years old when he came to live with us. The past 11 years has just flown by, he has brought us so much happiness. Don’t get me wrong at times its been hard, just as it is with all children regardless of whether they are adopted or not, but when I look at him now as a confident young man, I am so proud of him.

We had been married about two years when we first talked about adoption. We had been through the trauma of discovering we were unable to have children ourselves and now we both felt we had space in our lives for someone else. Neither of us had much experience of caring for a baby and there seemed to be so many older children waiting in care, so we were happy to be approved for a child between 5 and 10 years old.

When you first begin thinking about adoption, I know its daunting, not knowing what to expect and wondering what the process will involve. But, once you’ve made that first phone call and get some information it’s not as scary as you first thought!

During our approval we heard about a 7year old boy who had been waiting in care for 2 years. Our social worker contacted the local authority involved and a couple of months later we all got together to discuss things. We were shown a rather blurred and old photo of Peter, but we were taken by his broad smile. He was a gorgeous little boy.

A series of visits were arranged and we slowly got to know Peter. Six months after he had first been introduced to us Peter came to live with us. That first week we learnt a lot about Peter and it wasn’t easy but over time he became more relaxed and at ease in his new home. He was very loud at first, still is in fact, but he did begin to calm down and fall into a routine.

Eleven years on Peter has just started his first full time job. I won’t kid you and pretend its all been plain sailing, its not, but looking at him now as a happy, motivated and ambitious young man, I know it was all worth it.

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