Can you adopt if you’re a single guy?

Here Jabbar tells his story and talks about some of the misconceptions that other had about adoption. “I always knew that I wanted a big family. I’m one of 4 brothers and 2 sisters so I know so I know what it’s like to grow up in a busy and noisy house. As a single guy when I talked with my friends about adopting a family the feedback was all pretty much ‘can you adopt if you’re a single guy?’ I’d already had a look on the website so I knew that I could but before talking to people at work and that I had a talk with someone for Adoption in the Black Country who confirmed that it is fine. As I went into the process I had a kind of fixed idea of the children that I would adopt but going through to be approved I became less clear until I was told by one of the workers about Ismail and Majid. They were brothers aged 3 and 5. Even though the matching took place reasonably quickly it felt like the longest time of my life waiting for them to come and live with me pertinently. The first weeks had there ups and down but with the support of the adoption team and my family it soon settled down. I’m just so happy to be a parent to Ismail and Majid.

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