“Michael and Ben have made my family complete.”

My 2 boys are now 10 and 15 yrs old. Ben was 2 when he came to live with us and Michael was just 10 weeks old.

My husband and I couldn’t have children which is why we decided to adopt, and Im so glad we did, it’s the best decision we ever made. It has been hard at times, just as it is with any children but its important to remember there is help available and your not on your own.

When my eldest, Ben came to live with us, our adoption worker visited us a few times and gave us lots of support and advice, which we really needed in those first few months. A few years later we contacted social services again for our second son and again they helped us through the process and we were delighted when Michael came to live with us, a baby brother for Ben.

For about 5 or 6 years we had no further contact from social services, its only recently I have contacted them again for some advice. Ben has accepted being adopted extremely well but Michael has found it harder to come to terms with. Little things seem to trigger it off like if he sees a baby or they are doing something at school about their family tree. So, I contacted social services to ask them for advice on how I could help him understand and come to terms with his adoption.

They were wonderful and advised me to attend a course to learn new skills on how to deal with issues. It also gave me the chance to meet other parents going through similar experiences, and taught me that its OK to ask for help, whether your children are adopted or not everyone needs some support.

We were aware when we adopted Ben and Michael that we may face some problems along the way, but your not on your own. There is support and advice throughout your child’s lifetime.

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