“I was so nervous, but to be honest I’d got no reason to be.”

Gill recalls “We’d tried to conceive naturally for years and we’d had tests and a couple of cycles of IVF before we thought properly about adopting. It had been something that had been at the back of my mind for a while I guess, and one day Garry spotted an advert in the newspaper for an info event – we got talking, in fact we talked into the early hours about it and decided to go along to the event. In the meant time I’d been on the website and got an information pack so we were a bit more clued up on the process. We went along to the info eve which was at a hotel not to far from us. I remember squeezing Garry’s hand when we walked into the room ‘cus I was so nervous; but to be honest I’d got no reason to be. We listened to a short presentation for about 10 minutes which gave an overview of what we had read on the internet and gave us a bit more of an idea about what the process involved. We then sat with a worker and had a coffee. We talked with them about how it all works and about us and at the end of the chat and a couple of coffees it just felt so right to start the journey.

That was a couple of years ago now and we’ve had Ben and May with us for just over a year. I’m so proud of my family and I’m so proud of us for going along to an info event and changing our lives and Ben and Mays for the better.

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