What is adoption?

It’s a legal procedure in which all parental responsibility is transferred to the adopters. Once an adoption order has been granted, it cannot be reversed. An adopted child loses all legal ties with their birth parent(s) and becomes a full member of the adoptive family, usually taking the family’s name.

What is the difference between fostering and adoption?

Adoption is a legal process by which a child becomes a full member of a new family, with the adoptive parents assuming all parental responsibilities.
Fostering is a temporary arrangement where a child lives with a family until circumstances enable the child to return to their own family, to live independently, to be placed for special guardianship or adoption.

How much info about the child(ren) I adopt will I get to know?

You will be given as much information about the child and their birth family as is available to help them make an informed decision. This will also help the child understand the reasons why they were unable to remain with their birth family and why they were adopted. This info may also include any health needs, the family circumstances of the child, their background and information about their birth parents.
We want you to you have as much information as is possible so you can make informed decisions.

How long does the process take?

The approval process normally takes 6 months. The process is broken down into 2 stages:

  • Stage 1 – Which normally takes 2 months;
  • Stage 2 – Which normally takes 4 months;

We’re unable to put a timescale onto the matching process as it will depend on the child’s needs and your preferences. These timescales aren’t set in stone though, it’s recognised that sometimes circumstances change and we must ensure the assessment is done thoroughly, rather than simply adhering to rigid timescales.

Will I need to take time off work during the assessment process?

We ask that you have enough time/ annual leave to attend meetings with your social worker and undertake the ‘Prep Training’.
Although we’ll make every effort to be flexible, you may need to have some time off work during the assessment and introduction processes.

Can I have pets and adopt?

Yes, adopters can have pets but we must ensure that it’s a safe and secure home for the child.

How many references will I need to supply?

You’ll need to supply up to 6 references, which should be made up of a mix of family members and friends.

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