adoption@heart is a regional adoption service working with four local authorities in the heart of England to provide adoption services on their behalf.

Regional Adoption Agencies are a new way of delivering adoption services. Working in partnership means we are able to offer greater choice and a better service for both children and adopters.

adoption@heart delivers adoption services on behalf of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton local authorities. We are responsible for finding new homes for the children in their care who are identified for adoption.

We are building on the successful and longstanding adoption partnership developed over the last 15 years – ‘Adoption in the Black Country’, also known as ‘ABC’.

We are your Regional Adoption Agency

As a Regional Adoption Agency, adoption@heart works with the four local authorities to deliver all of their adoption services including:

  • Recruiting and assessing adoptive families;
  • Finding families for the children from these areas identified for adoption;
  • Providing adoption support services to all those affected by adoption – children, adoptive families and birth families.

adoption@heart knows that adoption has lifelong implications for all those involved in the process now and throughout their lives. So we see support as the key in everything we do. Our Adoption Support service is made up of a multi disciplinary team including a clinical psychologist, play therapist, social workers and others with specific skills and qualifications. The team offers a range of support to enable you and your family –  from social events to parenting programmes, all of which are available before and after a child is placed with you.

Supporting our children to become your children.

From the first time you visit our website or call our adopter recruitment team we want you to feel supported with your adoption journey – we know it can be daunting to make take those first steps on that journey and our experienced team will do their best to reassure and support you to decide if adoption is right for you.

As you get to know us you will hear us talk about ‘our children’.  These are the children from our four partner local authorities for whom we are responsible for finding adoptive families – they are our children and likewise we hope that you will become our adopter and that we will be able to move forward together – supporting our children to become your children.

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